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You aren't alone in your struggle.
There is hope in the grit.


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Do you want more for your life and recovery? Are you still struggling in addiction or mental health recovery?

Is a loved one hurting and you aren't sure what

to do or say?

You are not alone.


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"I thank you for letting God take the wounds in your own life and turning them into a redemptive ending for many people."

Philip Yancey, bestselling author and journalist

"Caroline has a breadth of knowledge to share that has assisted so many recovery advocates and community organizers across the country in finding their voices and shaping their messaging. Her work in our advocacy guide has provided organizers the empowerment tools for them to create the social changes they envision in their communities."

Aaron Kucharski, Recovery Advocacy Project

"I loved listening to Caroline's story. I firmly believe it will help many of us become better healthcare providers."

Medical Student, Medical College of Wisconsin

"If we lived closer I'd want Caroline to be my sponsor, therapist

or best friend."

Heather Asbury, Safe Project

Have a heart for women in recovery? Connect in community with women all over the globe!

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