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Caroline Beidler, BA, MSW is an author, recovery advocate and founder of the storytelling platform Bright Story Shine. Her new book Downstairs Church: Finding Hope in the Grit of Addiction and Trauma Recovery is available for pre-order. With almost 20 years in leadership within social work and ministry, she is the Membership and Outreach Manager for the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, where she works with collegiate recovery programs (CRPs) and collegiate recovery communities (CRCs) and students in or seeking recovery from addiction across the globe. She is a team writer for the Grit and Grace Project and blogger at the global recovery platform In the Rooms. Caroline lives in Tennessee with her husband and four year old twins where she enjoys hiking in the mountains and building up her community’s local recovery ministry.

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Through her consulting work, speaking engagements and writing, Caroline has worked with churches, legislators, non-profits, universities, federal agencies and others to create innovative models that empower communities and people in recovery. Some of her areas of expertise include: communications, adolescent and collegiate recovery, social and peer support, grant writing, and asset-based community development. Caroline was the former Chair of the Prevention Committee for the Wisconsin State Council on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse by Governor’s Appointment, and has participated on many state and national coalitions and committees. Caroline has a passion for young people in recovery and founded two programs for college-aged youth in recovery: Live Free – Student Wellness and Recovery (now Badger Recovery), and Connect House Sober Living Foundation, Inc., a recovery residence for college-aged women, which completed a successful merger with the Aaron J. Meyer Foundation. In 2015, she won the Texas Research Society on Alcoholism, John T. and Patricia A. O’Neill Addiction Science Education Award for her research on stigma and social support for recently deployed Veterans.


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