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A Note on Faith

When I think of describing my faith it's often words like "messy" or "complicated" or "gritty" that I use.


Well, because for me, faith is not some picture perfect practice, but a real life struggle that includes some mountaintop experiences and pink clouds sure, but also some harrowing ones, too.

Faith has walked alongside me and held my hand--and it has also dripped slowly over time. Getting brighter, then darker, then brighter again.

Faith has stood by silently as I've lost loved ones to addiction and it has been singing along with my daughter and son from the backseat of my minivan.

Part of my recovery advocacy work involves sharing about my faith journey. What an encounter with Jesus means and how I walk out my faith (or stumble along) today.

If you'd like to ask these questions together, I'd love to connect! Join the Bright Story Shine community. I've also got a private Facebook Page for Women. Wrestle with God's word in community. If you have no idea what that last sentence means, I get it. And I'd love to tell you more about my faith and recovery story. Reach out anytime and check out my Bright Word Shine Mini-Book Series.

What Does it Mean to be a Christian?
How are my faith and recovery connected?
How can I walk out my faith in today's world?
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