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You aren't alone in your struggle. There is Hope in the Grit.
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Elisa Morgan,
Best-selling Author

“I struggle to find adequate words to capture all Caroline shares in this treasure of a book. If you’re caught on the barbed wire of addiction, sliced open by the unavoidable pain that penetrates every person’s life or stuck in the doldrums of seemingly no way out, turn the next page. You will feel seen and heard and known by Caroline, and then perhaps surprisingly, by God.” 


Manda Carpenter, Author of Soul Care to Save Your Life

"The moment I began reading Downstairs Church, I couldn't put it down. Caroline's writing is relatable, honest, relevant and encouraging—even necessary. I can't wait to see how it heals addicts and self-righteous alike."

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Brian Allain, Founder of Writing for Your Life

"Caroline Beidler’s book illustrates the value of vulnerability and group support through trying times, and how all Christians can benefit from this learning."

The addiction epidemic is traumatizing our families, communities, and places of worship.

But there is hope in the grit.


In Downstairs Church: Finding Hope in the Grit of Addiction and Trauma Recovery, Caroline Beidler, MSW explores the problem of addiction and trauma for women today and then highlights the freedom—and hope—that can be found in the downstairs church or recovery community. Beidler also highlights the radical vulnerability required of addiction and mental health recovery, something that all people can benefit from. When we share our stories of struggle in real ways, authentic transformation can happen.


Downstairs Church:

Encourages readers through personal testimony that they are not alone in their experience


Teaches from a first-hand account about the realities of addiction and how trauma can impact a female family or church member


Accesses current trends and statistics woven in with story-telling, recovery principles, and scripture to learn more and combat the stigma of addiction and trauma for their loved ones


Addresses the stigma of addiction and trauma, promoting more love and tolerance by affected family and faith communities.


Provides a call to action to get involved in addiction recovery efforts or access recovery support services.

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